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Ten Things You Should Know Before You Hire a Rug Cleaner

Let’s face it, finding and hiring a reputable service company is hard. That is why it’s important to ask friends and family who they are using and if they are happy with the service they provide.  But not everyone has had their rugs properly cleaned.  That means you will have to do some shopping around and that is probably why you are on my website today.  So here is my Top Ten list of things you need to know or ask when shopping for a rug cleaner.

  1. How much they charge. If you have a wool rug and the person tells you a $1.00 per square foot something isn’t right. The charge should be based on the rug’s value, condition . . .  and the steps they perform to clean the rug.  Remember this is not wall-to-wall carpet and your rugs need to be cleaned differently. 
  2. If the cleaner wants to clean the rug at your home inside or in your driveway say thanks but NO THANKS!!! Rugs should never be wet cleaned in your home . . . ! A true well-trained rug cleaner will have a facility and won’t even ask to do the rug in your home. If they tell you that they have the greatest and strongest truckmount in the business and they can do this and that you need to keep shopping.  Truckmounts are not needed to clean rugs. Again this is not wall-to-wall carpet and you don’t want some big truckmount cleaning a beautiful wool rug.
  3. Will they invite you to their facility? They should be proud of their office/plant and be willing to show it to you.
  4. Are they Wool Safe-Approved? Is their company a Wool Safe Approved Service Provider and their technicians WoolSafe Approved Fiber Care Specialists? Anyone cleaning wool rugs should have specialized training.
  5. Have them explain their method. They should be confident in their methods and able to explain them easily.
  6. All rug cleaners should offer a WoolSafe-Approved Fabric Protection.  Just like a good coat of wax for your car, fabric protection can help keep your rug cleaner, longer.
  7. Do they have Liability and Bailee insurance???? Very Important!!!!!
  8. Prior to cleaning, do they perform a thorough pre-inspection, photo documentation, and assessment?  If not, how will they know what conditions pre-exist and may affect the cleaning process?
  9. Will they dust your rug? You have to remove the dry soil before you even think of starting a cleaning process. It’s sad to say, but most rug cleaners don’t properly dust rugs prior to cleaning.  
  10. My final and most important question you should ask…..Do They Offer a GUARANTEE?????  They may not be able to remove every spot and stain (especially of the rug has pre-existing issues), but they should tell you in advance what your should expect from the service they provide and then deliver it.

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